Awkward dating questions

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You need to dodge the invasive questions you can expect this holiday season without offending Gam-Pam and Meemaw.

The crazy distant relative, the coworker who has one too many, the awkward stranger looking to stir the pot — the cast of characters likely to be in attendance at any of your holiday gatherings will leave no overly personal talking point unturned.

Talking points: Your relationship (or lack thereof) is your business. But dating, romance, and sometimes sex are among the most popular party topics.

And since it’s nearly impossible to avoid it, give the people what they want — while maintaining your privacy.

They’re definitely not representative of how I actually feel – it’s just that my anxious-attachment mechanism kicks into overdrive at the very thought of addressing it and everything starts to feel like much higher stakes than it really is.

I did some googling on “How to have a DTR conversation” or similar, and Captain, there is a universe of terrible advice out there.

While this will start a light-hearted discussion about the type of travel you most enjoy, it's also undoubtedly going to bring travel stories to the surface, taking the conversation down some interesting natural avenues. This may just be the question which most accurately indicates how compatible you and your date really are.

If you're after someone to sit on the couch eating Thai food and sipping Chardonnay with - but your date divulges their ideal Saturday evening be spent in a sweaty club dancing to 90s hip-hop - alarm bells should be ringing.

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In the past I had asked him if he had a girlfriend because I didn’t want to get in the middle of anything (we have “intimate” moments), and he said no and that he used to but that he wasn’t happy. I found him very charismatic and attractive in person.

I’m really struggling to find the right words to initiate this conversation, because everything that pops into my head has strong overtones of “PLEASE LOVE ME FOREVER” and “I’m putting all my hopes and dreams on you despite only having known you for 10 weeks or so”…

and those are NOT the kinds of conversations I want to have.

Pivot the convo to a great article or book on dating and relationships.

If you’re single, you can introduce people to the viral article that sparked Tinder’s social media meltdown.

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