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Without sex-oriented chat and forums to sustain its early years, America Online might never have survived.The e-commerce payment systems that are so common today would be in a far more primitive stage of development, security and usability. would be just another Web company with a bloody red bottom line.Example: The Customer presses ‘33’ on their keypad The call timer is paused.The Agent is put on hold The Customer will hear a prompt asking them how many minutes they would like to add.The world is steadily transforming; technology runs our lives, and we're all struggling to find human connection through online networks.Even just for the simple pleasures of an intimate encounter... Nowadays, social networking is a necessity not just for work and friends, but even glued to your smartphone at all times. At Social Sex, we do your social networking for you, and connect you to the hottest available locals for casual sex dating fun, without the hassle or investment. ), give us a bit of information about you, and what/who you want...The domain is designated for "bona fide business or commercial use.” If you're in business, no additional restrictions on use or location apply.

A little less than a month ago, Replay Games managed to reach its goal on Kickstarter to bring back the old Sierra adventure franchise Leisure Suit Larry.

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The Erotica Biz e Book and other premium content on this site used to be available through the use of an innovative new Digital Rights Management and payment technology which I invented.

But my company, This site is an archived site and all data is free.

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