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'Customers trust Bandier to help them find the best active clothing for their specific workout needs, so it was exciting to partner with Nike on an initiative that helped women find the right support for their sport.'Meanwhile, an international study of 10,000 women by lingerie brand Triumph found that nearly two thirds of women wear the wrong size bra while nearly a third buy underwear even though they know it does not fit correctly.

Danny, whose great-grandfather Sam founded the shop in 1888, said it is important for women to go for regular bra fittings as breasts can vary in size 'from week to week or month to month' and are affected by factors such as weight gain, childbirth and heat. Our rule of thumb is if you have four bras and rotate them, those bras will last just over a year.

After coming out to my wife about wanting to wear a bra, she was all for it and thought it was to bad that I didn... I am widowed and my wife new I dressed in womens for all of our married. I have always been interested in wearing a bra but had never gotten one until one day I was emptying the garbages to take out I found one of my wifes in the trash basket in our bedroom. I wear a 44C cup Lace Covered Plunge Bra or a Cotton Plunge Bra everyday. I discreetly wore bras and panties for years during my first marriage. I going to wear a matching black bra and panties under my gray shorts and gray sleeveless shirt. Recently drove for over an hour, whilst wearing only my black longline Doreen Bra' as I took my T-shirt off It was dusk, however I had to stop in three villages at traffic lights, and had a police car drive past me, was really hoping that I would be spotted... I hated them as a teenager in the locker room at school or at the pool. She bought me Two Danskin racerback foam sports bras. They feel so nice and supportive and I can wear them under my shirt and they don't show just looks like I have a tank top underneath. Hi everyone I have been cross dressing in secret now for some 30 years, I wear bra and panties 24 / 7 under my normal suits at work.

I have been out shopping browsing the lingerie shelves. Matching sets of bra and panties one in purple bra with lace trim and brazilian panties to match. My ex-wife was highly disapproving so I would continually cycle between thrill and guilt. I will be a man on the outside and a lady underneath. But since I began crossdressing what was once a curse is now a blessing. I don't even think about it any more, I am sure that people have noticed however no-one has said any thing. Last saturday I went shopping at a Lane Bryant store wearing a feminine vee neck top, Lace covered plunge bra, ladies jeans, hipster panty, and nylon stockings.

Like most stories I put on my mothers bra when around 12, and then my sisters when I was 16 with her consent. Now I get to dress up any time i want or whenever she wants me too. I wear a bra, I love being in a bra It's the first or second thing I put on every morning.

She wanted to has a daughter so that she can dressed up her daughter like princess. After many years wearing a bra only when she was gone.

Only to arrive and find out that my bra size isn’t available. It just strikes me as a bit rude.) And it might even be that Lane Bryant carries something they call a 40B, but I’m here to tell you I am solidly a 40B upon measuring myself, and the bras from Lane Bryant are gapping all OVER the place. So, I’ve continued to buy my bras from Lane Bryant cause I get a little excited by a little lace and pattern that matches my sexy panties.

but it’s not like there’s a bra company out there called “Big Honkin Boobies” marketing to women with larger breasts.

Then, I do like the feeling of wearing girl's clothing. I said to her one night while making love how lucky she was to have boobs. She said that if I would like them, I could also grow a set. Right around the time I turned 13, my chest began to change.

I thought it was kinda normal, I was maybe putting on some weight, but two spots began to grow faster than the rest of them.

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