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about Bea Arthur’s lifelong friendship with gay men—and the new center for homeless LGBT youth opening next year in her name—the magazine also talks about Arthur’s time on the classic NBC sitcom and how she didn’t always get along with her co-stars.

“When they shot the sitcom, sometimes they had to stop.

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They were also small people, the men only grew to be about 5’6″ and the women were 4’8″. The man of the house would get the privilege of the nice clean water. Thus, the saying, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” it was so dirty you could actually lose someone in it. You’ve heard of thatch roofs, well that’s all they were. They were the only place for the little animals to get warm.Which is a nice thing — a lot of them have come from all over the country and are fans.”“I think my mom didn’t dig that.It’s more about being focused or conserving your energy.That’s where those beautiful big beds with canopies came from.When you came into the house you would notice most times that the floor was dirt.

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