Cheating while dating

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The whole thing sounds pretty devastating if you look at her side of the story.

Alissa went on to explain how manipulative Jake is and how she would cry at the end of the day because of him constantly paying attention to other women. Fingers crossed that their fans get some answers soon.

If that type of physical boundary is violated, it’s considered cheating.

Some people also believe that it’s possible for a partner to cheat emotionally.

Of course, they played into the whole dating thing when it came to their online personas because so many fans shipped their relationship.

However, there was no evidence that they were officially a couple. The star took to Twitter to say Alissa had cheated on him and he was heartbroken over the whole thing because she cheated with someone that was very close to him!

Your boundaries help define what’s important to you and help you feel safe.

It’s really important for partners to talk about and be aware of each other’s boundaries, and to be able to trust that the other person won’t cross or ignore them.

Regular partners who suspect a beau of cheating can march over to their house and stare them in the eyes while they try and figure out if deception is underfoot. All you have is a Wi Fi connection and a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach.Disney Channel star Jake Paul and his fellow You Tube co-star Alissa Violet have just gotten into a huge public argument.While the pair is used to sharing their lives online, this time it got super personal and fans aren't sure who to believe. There's been speculation for months now that Jake and Alissa were totally an item, but they never confirmed it themselves.The marriage-damaging factor of affairs, it turns out, is far less about sex than it is about the total package of deception."Most people, I've found, can recover from sexual infidelity more readily than from the fact that they were lied to," says Vaughan.

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