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Generous with their fillings and ingredients, every mouthful is a delight. The queue is worth it, especially on a hot and sweltering Taiwanese summer afternoon.

Flora Expo Park is a beautiful and well-kept park in Zhong Shan district.

Below, I’ve put together a pretty achievable day trip for those wanting to see the best Taipei has to offer in a single day.

It might have been bright and sunny when I woke up, but Taipei's weather took a less welcoming turn as the day wore on.

Traditional Taiwanese breakfasts are heavily influenced by northern Chinese cuisine, so you can expect to see some familiar sights like (a delicious savoury pancake), and the ever popular dim-sum.

Wash it all down with some cold or hot soybean milk if you’re feeling adventurous, or take the safe option and get a bubble tea or fruit tea.

Almost everything is delicious in Taipei, but for an absolutely phenomenal food experience, there are some things that you have to include in your food-slaying hitlist. Unless you’re staying for a week or more, it’s near-impossible to squeeze them all into your travel itinerary.

With only 5 days to spend in this food-crazed city, all thanks to Scoot, Tiffany and I had only one goal in mind: To experience the best that Taipei has to offer, bite by bite. The 3 night markets in this section make a great “tasting platter” - an introduction to the tons of dazzling sights and snacks that Taipei’s night markets have to offer.

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