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Several days later, June’s ex reached out to the deputy — still thinking it was a 13-year-old girl — and asked “to meet him at a local gas station,” where they could meet up so “she” could perform oral sex on him.After two years behind bars, Ford was released — only to be arrested again when a routine check proved he violated parole by having a laptop, which allegedly was used to surf “teen porn websites,” according to the court room and allegedly engaged with a police officer, who he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

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When I get home and am happy that Louis might sleep for more than his usual ten minutes, I decide to think more about the sex thing. I need to start feeling sexy again and dare I say it embrace my body a bit more. Mr UFM loves me just the way I am and in the past has never had a problem with hairy legs etc and yet now I feel slightly embarrassed about how it all looks. My boobs are droopier, my nipples are bigger, my tummy is saggier and my caesarean scar is lumpy with a funny bit hanging over it. I try on some of my nicer underwear and inevitably the bras don’t quite fit and the knickers need a good stretch before they fit comfortably.

RELATED: Mama June Comes Clean About Pumpkin’s Real Dad — and Opens Up About Her Relationship With Mark Mc Daniel In 2013, he skipped his court date and found himself in even more trouble when he removed his ankle monitor and left it on the side of an Alabama highway.

As a result, the judge at his parole revocation hearing said, “If he’s going to cut off his ankle monitor and he’s going to access teen sex sites while he’s a sex offender, he’s going to fail to register as a sex offender, he needs to be in confinement.” As a result of his violations, he won’t be eligible for parole again until 2026.

The scar will forever symbolise where our babies came from and he couldn’t care less about the funny hangy bit. Hearing those words suddenly made me feel sexier than I have in a long time.

Never again will we have to discuss when I’m ovulating or think of sex as baby making. I start to feel a bit more positive and dare I say it excited? That night I talk to Mr UFM about my newly found hang ups and he looks me in the eyes with honesty and love and tells me that I’m more beautiful than ever to him.

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