Validating a date in java

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If you are interested in applying constraints to method parameters and return values, refer to Chapter 3, Declaring and validating method constraints.Constraints in Bean Validation are expressed via Java annotations.Generic Credit Card("4111111111111112") // invalid visa card number assert Generic Date("2011-12-30", "yyyy-MM-dd", true) // valid date(last argument for checking strict) assert Generic Date("2011-02-28", "yyyy-MM-dd", true) // valid date - 28th Feb assert !Generic Date("2011-02-29", "yyyy-MM-dd", false) // invalid date - 29th Feb 2011 import org.apache.commons.validator.Generic Email("") // invalid email assert Generic Url(" //valid URL assert !Generic Url(" //invalid URL assert Generic Credit Card("4111111111111111") // valid visa card number assert !

As indicated by the comments in the program, fill in the following: 1.

This means the validation engine directly accesses the instance variable and does not invoke the property accessor method even if such an accessor exists.

Constraints can be applied to fields of any access type (public, private etc.).

Creating Command objects for validating was not suitable in my case(overkilling solution).

Writing/looking for regular expression was another solution.

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